The Best New Year's Resolutions For Dogs

What's Your Dog's New Year's Resolution?

I know what you're thinking, A New Year's Resolution for my dog? Really? It's not as crazy as it sounds. We all have goals to be healthier, happier and wealthier, but these can also extend to your dog. I know your dog isn't exactly able to write in a journal or start setting goals, but you can set some guidelines for him to have the best year ever!

  1.  I will spend more time with my dog
  2.  I will help my dog have better health and wellness
  3.  I will take my dog on more trips with me
  4.  I will brush my dogs teeth regularly
  5.  I will take my dog to the vet for more checkups
  6.  I will help my dog become less anxious and stressed
  7.  I will not feed my dog food from the dinner table or extra treats
  8.  I will exercise with my dog
  9.  I wont leave my dog alone at home for quite as long
  10.  I will take my dog to training classes

My main resolution is to exercise with my dog more often! She always gains some winter pounds since she isn't out as much and doesn't get many park days. When family and friends come over, she also knows that she can puppy-dog-eye her way into many treats and scraps from them. Time to hit the trails!!