Are you a good dog owner?

Many people have dogs and unfortunately they end up in the wrong hands all the time. Sometimes people get a dog that is outside their energy level, or they'll just get one because it was too cute to say no, until it rips apart their furniture and ends up being put in a kennel or shelter. Here is a little list of things that I believe most good dog owners do:

k9x girl kissing dog

1. You know that training never ends, and you have committed to a life of growth with your dog

From the day you got your dog, you made sure to implement some basic obedience training and to this day, you still keep your dog sharp minded. This doesn't mean you do strict one hour training daily. I just mean 5- 10 minutes a day, while you're on a walk or at the park making sure your dog's obedience level is constantly getting a little better each day.

2. Your dog gets his daily exercise

The average person will usually take their dog out for just a couple of short walks daily just so that their dog can do their business outdoors. Remember that dogs need walks and rigorous exercise to keep physically fit and mentally strong as well.

3. Your dog is well socialized

You never have to worry about your dog causing trouble around other dogs because you spent time introducing him to other dogs when he was a puppy and he still plays with his other dog buddies frequently.

4. Guests in your home love having your dog around

Sometimes, people will just stay away from your home if you have a bad dog. At least you know that if your friends and family love your dog, you're probably doing a good job.

5. Your dog gets quality care and nutrition

Good dog owners are not too interested in saving money, they just want to be insured that they are receiving a quality product or service for their dog at a reasonable price. This includes good food with wholesome ingredients, good vet care, and a good caregiver if you are busy.

So if you do these things, I know that you probably have a healthy, and happy dog. If you see yourself falling behind just a little on some of these things, just try to consistently get better. Remember that small little efforts daily over time can do incredible things for you and your dog!