Puppy Visits

Wow, a 30 minute walk and train with your puppy? How incredible! This is a service that we have been getting a lot of requests for. Most people wonder when they should start training their new puppy, and the answer is always IMMEDIATELY!

New puppy owners will often worry about finding the right bed, pee pads, accessories, and treats. They should spend more time thinking about how or what they will teach their new puppy. Puppies will obviously need a nutritious diet and a great environment to live in, but what a puppy needs to become a well behaved, confident dog is a strong pack leader.



private k9 Weight loss

Do you have an overweight dog? I struggled with this problem when my dog was just a puppy. I lived in a house with parents who fed my dog from the table every single day no matter what I said. Helping her lose weight was an uphill battle. Through proper diet and exercise, I was able to bring her to an ideal weight and I have helped many other dogs do the same!

Does your dog struggle with weight issues? Are you afraid your best friend won't live as long as he should? We can help shed those pounds off within the next few months!

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