Finley and Stanley

We welcomed Finley into our hiking group this week.  He is a lovely 2 1/2 y.o. German Shorthair and based on our initial outing with him, Stanley and Finley are going to be great friends.  They got along like gangbusters, have the same style of crazy play and they are very polite to each other.  Stanley lets Finley drink out of the water dish first, and Finley lets Stanley get his treat first.  What a nice start to what will hopefully be a long friendship!


While on the trail today, we did a lot of work on good hiking behaviour--being obedient, paying attention to where the human hiking leader is going next and having a rock-solid recall.  Stanley was a very good role model to Finley and Finley did an amazing job! I was so proud of them both. Here they are in a sit stay while I filled the water dish for them, Stanley on the left and Finley on the right. Great job boys!

I tried to get some good pictures of these two romping through the woods together, but they weren't still long enough to snap the photo.  I ended up with a lot of pictures of bums and tails like this one.


Once we arrived back at the car the two boys took turns with the cooling shammy while they got cleaned up to head home.  Here is Finley enjoying his turn.


What an amazing hike with amazing dogs! I love my job!