Hiking Boots are Laced Up and We're Off!

K9 Expeditions & Gear is officially up and running (or hiking?)!  It's been a pretty intense couple of months but we're finally here and I'm excited to publish my first blog post!  My goal with my blog, Facebook, Twitter and website is to stay connected with K9 Expeditions clients and friends.  Here's a good reason why:

The other day Stanley, Bayliss and I decided to take a rest day from hiking, so Bayliss went to work with Rob, and Stanley and I headed out to one of the local off-leash dog parks for some chuck-it fun.  It happens to be one of the parks commercial dog walkers frequent, and one of the walkers was on her cell phone for the entire 45 minutes or so that she was there.  She was ignoring the dogs in her care and one of "her" dogs was jumping all over me and trying to steal Stanley's chuck-it ball.  Neither Stanley nor the jumpy thief were ball possessive or aggressive, so I wasn't worried about continuing to throw the ball for both dogs, but that dog walker should have been addressing the dog's behaviour and engaging with all of the dogs in her care.  I walked over to another dog walker, one who was completely immersed in fun and games with the dogs in his care, and I asked him who on earth would hire and entrust their dogs to the walker on her phone.  He replied that unfortunately people sitting in their offices downtown don't realize what’s up with their dogs while in the care of the dog walkers they hire.  He's absolutely right!  To make sure all of my clients know what their dogs are up to, I will do my best to keep you posted through this blog, Facebook, Twitter and http://www.k9expeditions.com/

I want to use my first blog post as an opportunity to thank the many people who have been so incredibly supportive to me in launching K9E&G.  From proofing and challenging my business planning, to educating me on how to use social media (I'm getting there!), designing a kick-ass logo, scouting hiking locations, helping distribute my brochure and business cards, sending me encouraging messages letting me know that this business idea is a worthwhile and needed service, to giving me a big hug when it seemed as though I had to climb a mountain to get this business off the ground.  Rob, Derek, Lorne, Camilla, Mom, Michael, Anissa, Mel, Lara, Fabian, Maria, Maxine, Heather, Nancibeth and Nancy, THANK YOU!!!!  Of course I can't forget my main sources of inspiration, Stanley, Bayliss and Oliver.

Time to hit the trail!