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Anesh has always loved dogs and they have always been an important part of his family. He grew up in Scarborough with his beloved German Shepherd Bruce and is currently the proud owner of Moxie, a sweet and very goofy Beagle as well as Jasper The Goldendoodle.

Passionate about dogs, nutrition and the environment, Anesh is a perfect fit as a Hiking Leader at K9X. He has always had an interest in working with dogs and enjoys hiking, working and “playing” with K9X's dogs on the trail! Moxie joins Anesh on all of his hikes and has become his second in command.

When he’s not hiking with K9X's dogs, he works extensively with dog owners and adoption centers around Ontario to help rehabilitate dogs with severe issues such as aggression and reactivity. Anesh has a goal to save thousands of dogs in his lifetime and is constantly learning about animal behaviour to improve his interactions.